CH Grangefield Kiss Me Kate 2001 - 2012 
CH Remeberance Pianoman X CH Evening Escapade 
Katie was my foundation bitch.  She was sweet and beautiful and was
known as the fun police in my house.  I helped my sweet girl cross the bridge
after a severe back injury.  Gone way to soon but she left her mark with
the lovely babies she produced.

CH Lyberty Star Spangle Banner
CH Joseter The Blue Cafe X CH Grangefield Kiss Me Kate 2005 - 2012
Star was my first bred by champion.  She had attitude and a stubborn streak a mile wide. 
She loved the show ring and thrived on applause.  She fought to the end to beat
lymphoma and crossed the bridge at home.  I miss my sassy blue girl.

Blue Heeler Jack Russell Mix - "Spike"

Spike came to Lyberty by accident.  He was living nearby in a neglectful home.  Spike was badly injured when hit by a car.  I watched helplessly as he hopped around on three legs for two days before telling his "owners" they needed to let me have him.  I nursed him back to health and he was my best buddy till he crossed the bridge in my arms.  Spike was a joyful dog who looked like a giant blue merle Jack Russell.  His favorite pastime was chasing planes as they flew over my house. Sadly Spike passed over the rainbow bridge on July 26, 2013 at the ripe old age of 13.  He will be sorely missed.


German Shepherd Dog (GSD
) - Duchess Von Viking, CGC "Maggie May"  8/99 - 12/11
Maggie came to live at Lyberty 2 days after the lost of my beloved Zack. She brought joy back into my life and paved the way for many more paws running around the house. Maggie was the ultimate frisbee and ball dog. She always thought the cardigans were her babies and was a watchful and patient Mom.  I miss my gentle giant.

the Wonder Dog -
Collie/Elkhound Mix (1983-1999)


Zack was probably the smartest dog on earth.   He had a wide repertoire of tricks.  His most famous being "raid".  Zack would assume the position to be searched anytime you yelled "it's a raid".  He was featured on The Ralph Emory Show (Nashville, TN) and won the stupid pet trick contest in 1994.  He was a special dog and is still greatly missed.  Here he is waving hello!





Rudy came to Lyberty home in Dec. 2002 as a rescue foster.  He was rescued from a shelter outside of Memphis by a kind Sheltie person.  I was asked to foster him over Christmas until a good home could be found.  Rudy, a red merle, had a wonderful attitude from day one, a real survivor, that saw the world through rose colored glasses.  A perfect home came along in PA, or so I thought.  I met the family at a friend's home in KY.  Three days later, Rudy was returned.  The reason – HE HAD GAS!  So, Rudy found his forever home at Lyberty.  Rudy was a comical dog, way to smart for his own good and quite the climber.  I would often find him on the highest perch he could climb to surveying the world from above.  Rudy found his niche in herding, gaining an HT before the loss of our herding site.  In November 2009 Rudy went down in his back.  My first thought was degenerative disc disease.  Then he stopped eating.  The final diagnosis was Stage 5 Lymphoma.  Since the cancer had already spread I opted not to do chemo and love him for the time he had left.  I helped Rudy cross the bridge on December 30, 2009.  Rudy never entered the show ring, never sired any champions, but he was special.  My life was better for him having been it.  Frappe on Rudy, eat and roll in all the sheep poop you want, you will be missed.

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